Successful stories give you an insight into each transaction showcasing marketing strategies, challenges and its success. From how we met the client to how the home either was bought or sold. The stories are genuine and may be similar experiences you may come across during your real estate journey. Educate yourself with some of the many possible situations that you may come across.


23 Greenway Blvd, Port Perry

Sold Date: 08/31 /2023

23 Greenway Blvd is a beautiful 2 Storey detached home backing on to the beautiful views of a ravine that runs along the outskirts of the neighborhood. This home has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with a partially finished basement sitting on a wide shaped lot with an outdoor deck overlooking the ravine. 

The layout of the home is open concept with great sized bedrooms. Although the home isn’t upgraded there are lots of potential with this layout. Located in Port Perry, this home was surrounded by other similar detach & bungalow homes. Prices ranged from 900k to 1M. 

After our first showing, we already received an incredible offer at asking price. Less than 24 hours on the market and my sellers accepted their first offer. We didn’t wait for another offer because the market is unpredictable and you can’t predict whether there will be another offer or not. Especially with high demand but less willing buyers. Sellers will not sit around to wait for another buyer. We accepted right away and the deal was done! 

My clients were incredibly shocked with how quickly the process went. Congratulations on such a seamless and successful selling story!

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


924 Yonge St #113, Toronto

Sold Date: 07/13/2023

A cozy and modern 1 + 1 bedroom with 185 Sq Ft terrace unit located in downtown Toronto. A great layout for singles or couples and is move in ready. 

I was helping my client to sell their condo because they needed more space as they were looking to start a family of their own. They purchased this condo during the sellers market when condos were doing very well selling. This meant prices also increased. Most first time buyers will purchase condos to get their foot in the door and that’s exactly what my clients did. However, the difficult part of selling now was that we were no longer in that type of a market. Prices were dropping and listings were sitting much longer on the market. We needed to sell quicker to avoid prices from dropping further. Ideally we want to sell higher than purchased but it was looking like we would be selling it for the same price or less. 

When we got an offer, I used my negotiation skills to hopefully convince the buyers to offer us listing price or close to listing price. We cooperated and were very transparent with the buyers which helped build their trust. Given our current situation and the timing we accepted the offer closest to our listing price. During a time like this, if you don’t take your best offer you may not get one at all. We were happy to accept and sold for $685,000. 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


24 Barker Court, Markham

Sold Date: 07/29/2023

This detached home is located on a cul de sac in the family friendly neighborhood of Sherwood Amberglen. Prime location with schools, shops, parks and other recreational amenities. Great sized home with spacious bedrooms and lots of renovation potential. 

This home was listed in July 2023 just before the rate increase. It was a bit older and definitely needed some work. After a week on the market, another agent approached me about the property. This agent had taken their clients to view the property once already. These buyers were looking for 2 investment properties that they would renovate top to bottom. It just so happens I had another property at the time which I was selling exclusively that they were also interested in, 27 Captain Armstrong Lane. They wanted to put an offer for both properties but their only condition was their budget.  In order for the deal to succeed, the price for both homes had to fit the buyers budget and meet the sellers needs. 

I worked and communicated back and forth with both sellers and buyers to negotiate the best price everyone would be happy with. It definitely wasn’t an easy process and a lot of negotiating. But after working together with the buyers agent, we eventually got both buyers and sellers to agree upon a price they were happy with.

I’m so happy I was able to help both of my clients find a suitable buyer for their homes! 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


25 Austin Dr # 724, Markham

Sold Date: 02/10/2023

25 Austin Dr is a condo located on Bullock Dr & Hwy 7 in Markham right next to CF Markville mall. This is an older but very spacious unit on the 7th floor. Before listing the unit they cleaned up their home for showings but decided to remain everything as original. The unit was not renovated nor staged for the showings. 

Homes were on the market longer during this time due to the buyers market. There were not many listings, not many sales and prices have come down a lot. This unit was listed for $810,000 but the clients were willing to negotiate. This property was on the market for over a month till we suddenly had multiple buyers. Multiple offer don't happen often in a buyers market so we made the most of this situation. Through the negotiation process we were able to ask for 20k more from the highest offer to come closer to the listing price. After negotiations, we settled and sold for $770,000 for this property. 

Given the time and lack of renovations we came quite close to the listing price. Not to mention multiple offers too. What definitely helped us was the lack of listings in this condo at the time which brought more attention to us. The right property at the right time.

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


27 Captain Armstrong Lane, Markham

Sold Date: 06/15/2023

This home is a backsplit in the Sherwood Amberglen neighborhood. We listed it exclusively to assist my client with the selling process. 

When listing exclusively you don’t need to worry about the cleaning, showings & staging prior to selling, the necessary preparation work. The agent does all the work to bring you a buyer. This is a more convenient solution and less competitive which can lessen stress for the seller. While selling exclusively you can take your time to pack things up till your agreed upon closing date with the buyers’ offer you choose to accept.

The first buyer I found for this home was interested with my listing for 24 Barker Court also in the Sherwood Amberglen neighborhood. This buyer was looking for 2 investment properties they could renovate. 27 Captain Armstrong was an original house and definitely would require some work before moving in. Although we had a buyer, the only issue was figuring out the price that sellers of both properties were willing to accept. If they disagreed on the price then either keep negotiating or find another buyer. We didnt take a chance on another buyer because during a buyers market we all know it’s much harder to sell. Especially when your home is not move in ready and borrowing costs are high as ever. I went back and forth between both sellers and buyer for each property to ensure the price was good for all. 

After a lot of negotiating and reassurance, we came to agree on a price both buyers and sellers would be happy with. In a buyers market, if you don’t take the best offer you may not get another buyer. My sellers both agreed that they were getting a very good value for their home and we sold 2 properties to one lucky buyer! 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


57 Aviemore Dr, Toronto

Sold Date: 03/29/2023

57 Aviemore Dr located in Toronto is a 3 + 1 Bed, 2 Baths and 1500 - 2000 Sq Ft 4 level backsplit home. My client was the original owner and lived here with her family. Now that her kids are all grown up and shes living on her own it's time to downsize into somewhere smaller. Before I met this client, she had listed with many other agents but was unsuccessful in selling her property. As shown in its history the property was listed then terminated a number of times. 

When I went to assess the property I knew there was lots of potential. With many other properties in the neighborhood getting torn down and rebuilt, I knew that would be the most appealing factor about this home. The home definitely needed a lot of work in terms of upgrades but given the circumstances of my client we just cleaned up and sold the house as is. I tried to highlight the most important factors about the property to bring in as many buyers. 

When we received our first offer, it was by the same agent who had once offered to purchase when the home was previously listed. During this time of the market, home prices were steady and there was less competition. If you receive an offer it is best to accept within a reasonable price because you may not receive another offer or sell for less in the future or end up sitting on the market. Many sellers out there still want high prices like we did back in 2021 and will terminate their listing till a later date if they cant sell for high. I educated my clients about what has happened in the market since then and what the best option was for them before we came to an agreement on the price with the buyers. After many other agents, we now have our successful selling story! 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


21 Captain Rolph Blvd, Markham

Sold Date: 06/15/2023

21 Captain Rolph is a beautiful open concept raised bungalow with two walkout decks, one on the main floor and one in the basement. This home has upgraded kitchen + bath + floors + re-painted walls. My clients maintained their home well and did upgrades over the last 18 years of living here. Minimal changes were needed before listing the home but it was move in ready and listing ready for the most part. 

We staged the home using existing furniture to enhance the space making the home feel more spacious and appealing to buyers. 

Once we listed the home, we hosted an open house over one weekend. We had many interested buyers and great feedback from agents & homeowners who came. Due to the interest rate increase, the market took a bit of a turn making the housing market even more difficult to sell & buy. Although there were many buyers who showed interest not many were willing to put in a higher offer. We had a few offers but only one with a satisfying price that my clients were willing to consider. After some discussion and negotiating, my clients were willing to accept the offer.

When rates increase, buyers are more hesitant to pay such high prices for a home like 21 Captain Rolph Blvd. Nonetheless, we found our right buyer and sold over asking! 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


80 Futura Ave, Richmond Hill

Sold Date: 08/14/2023

Recently sold 159 Frank Endean Rd in Richmond Hill a month prior and received a call from 80 Futura Ave in the same neighborhood about selling their home. The homes were on the market one month apart from one another. During that time, interest rates made another increase in 2023. The market had shifted slightly but homes were still selling and demand was still strong. These homeowners decided it was time for them to downsize and it was a good time to sell too considering other comparable in their neighborhood. 

80 Futura Ave is the same model home as 159 Frank Endean but had more upgrades. These clients upgraded their kitchen and bathrooms over the years, repainted the walls and had hardwood floors throughout the home. It was definitely move in ready and set up well with minimal preparation for listing the property. 

We staged the home and got our photographer to take pictures of the home before listing. We didn't set any offer dates and just waited for offers as soon as showings were available. We already received an offer after 4 days on the market.  4 days and we accepted an offer that was ONLY 15 k difference from the sold price of 159 Frank Endean. Although both listings were a month apart and aside from the rate increase, we still sold it relative to 159 Frank Endean Rd. 

Homes in a great location, upgraded and ready to move in are rare! If you see one just know they won’t be on the market for very long. Congratulations to my sellers! 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


159 Frank Endean Rd, Richmond Hill

Sold Date: 06/12/2023

This detached home on 159 Frank Endean Rd has 12 Ft ceilings and a bright spacious open concept layout. This is a 4 + 2 Beds and 5 Bath home with a beautiful white kitchen overlooking the backyard. It has a finished basement with a full bath and additional two bedrooms. This home is located right in front of a school which makes it a prime location for many looking to move into the perfect family home or starting a family. 

When we listed this home, there were none other comparable properties on the market. The property next door just sold and quite quickly too. Homes in this area were very desirable and didn’t spend much time sitting on the market. However, there was an interest rate change during this time up by .25%. Although it wasn’t a significant increase, it definitely impacted the housing market. We imagined that with no competition in the neighborhood we would set an offer date for this listing. We had many showings for this home but despite the showings we didn’t get any offers till the offer date. I encouraged my clients and we stayed patient till the offer date. When the offer date came we got ONLY one offer. But in any market, you ONLY need one good offer to seal the deal. With this one offer we sold OVER ASKING. 

Congrats to my clients on their successful sell and all the best moving into their new dream home! 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


7 David St, Markham

Sold Date: 07/29/23

Stunning heritage brick home on 7 David St along Main St Markham Rd on a private & great sized lot. Beautifully landscaped with a long driveway and separate garage. In this 9 Ft ceiling 2500 - 3000 Sq Ft home we have 4 bedrooms and 4 baths with a side entrance and lots of rental opportunities. 

This home was on the market and sold in a total of 4 days. Before listing the home we did a deep clean along with paint touch ups around the house. We hired a professional cleaning company to clean the home top to bottom because it was not in the best shape. After the cleaning and painting, the home looked absolutely incredible. We also staged the home to brighten the space and enhance the open concept layout. 

The benefit of this home was its’ potential for investment and/or large families to move in. Especially being in a prime location with transit, highways, hospitals and schools surrounding. These would be the features that brought interest for potential buyers. 

Showings flooded as soon as the home was on the market. We had planned for an open house to help market the property. However, just a few days and we got 2 offers. I worked with my clients on the offers to see which was a better fit for their situation. After a bit of negotiation, we happily accepted one of the offers. Cheers to another seamless experience!

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


24 Captain Armstrong Lane, Markham

Sold Date: 05/27/2023

Prospecting is one of the strategies I use to find my clients. I call my farming neighborhoods to let homeowners know about what's been happening in their neighborhoods. Updating them about the market price, sold & getting to know their needs. 

The client at 24 Captain Armstrong Lane have been living in this 4 level backsplit for 20+ years and were ready to move into something smaller. During this time, listing prices were slightly rising due to no interest rates changes and more housing demand. We took advantage of the timing to list this home to get more value for my clients home. 

We staged the home and used professional photographer to showcase the home. We thought with the home situated on a busy street we wouldn’t have as many interested buyers. We had some feedback about the street but that did not discourage our buyers. Just a day on the market and we already had our first offer. 

This home had been upgraded over the years and had great potential for a large family. This was a 3 + 2 Bed and 3 Bath home with over 2000 SQ Ft  and a beautifully landscaped private lot. 

Congratulations on selling over asking for your home!

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


4 Eastmoor Cres, Scarborough

Sold Date: 06/19/2023

Cozy bungalow in the Scarborough community of birchcliffe just steps away from the waters of the bluffs. This property has a great sized lot and a beautiful mature garden backyard with a gazebo + pond. Very bright open concept home with 3 +1 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a finished basement. Great size lot with a stunning mature backyard.

This home was staged before listing to brighten up the home and to give it that good first impression where buyers can envision themselves in it. The owner took great care of the home and kept it in very good condition. 

To attract more buyers to our listing we listed the price lower and set an offer date. Homes in this area were incredibly desirable for its location right by Scarborough bluffs. You were just steps away from the waters and walk trails. It is a very desirable area for homeowners to rebuild custom homes here.

Before being listed, we had many interested buyers already asking about the home and the potential price point. 

The first day of showings we had a very interested buyer but during the showing the buyers noticed a problem. There was a lot of rain throughout the whole day and it seeped through the walls. This created a leak in the house and we needed to suspend the listing immediately for repairs. That same agent was still interested in the home and sent in their offer after the repairs. We negotiated back and forth a bit because there was a specific price my sellers wanted. If the buyers were able to offer that price, we had a deal. The buyers eventually accepted my clients price and 4 Eastmoor Cres was SOLD! 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong




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