Buying Success Stories

Our buying success stories provide you with the other side of the transaction where you get to see us put our negotiation skills into action to get you your forever home or investment property for the best value. From visiting properties to completing the deal, we keep you informed and provide you with various possible approaches that will help you reach your goal. Have a look at each of our unique stories and how each client made some of the best decisions and ended up on top. 


30 Almond Ave, Markham

Sold Date: 06/27/2023

My clients were in search of the perfect family home where they could start their growing family. This was for a younger couple who were expecting their first child. We started looking for homes near Bayview and Steeles because this was where my clients grew up and it brought back a lot of great memories. They wanted the same for their own family and so, we started looking in this neighborhood. 

The market during this time of the year was much quieter and lacked competitions due to the rate increase. I recommended my clients that it would be a good time to purchase now with no offer dates and competitive buyers. We found a beautiful detached home at 30 Almond Ave in Markham that was renovated, open concept and had an extended kitchen which they really wanted. 

The home was listed for $1.799 M and without other buyers our first offer started at $1.750 M. Without other competitors we were able to take advantage of offering less than listing price and included an inspection. Including conditions/inspections when there are other buyers makes your offer weaker and less appealing and so we took advantage of this opportunity. They counter offered a bit higher and closer to their listing price. Eventually we agreed upon a price right in between their offer and our first offer. It didn’t take much negotiating and they were extremely easy to work with. This was such a seamless process and the best buying experience I could have hoped for my clients.

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


76 Srigley St, Barrie

Sold Date: 04/09/2023

My client was looking for their very first investment property. With the budget we had, we had to look somewhere out of the city where house prices were lower but still a good sized property for investment purposes. I took my client to different neighborhoods and we showed a few properties. Some we had put an offer for but didn’t work out due to competitive buyers. I recommended that we start looking for listings that didn’t have much competition and less listing cosmetics like staging. It was better to look for properties that weren’t as upgraded because that meant less buyers and offers. We would be able to offer under listing and work/negotiate within budget for potential properties of interest.

We found 76 Srigley, a 3 + 2 Bed and 3 Bath detached raised bungalow home in Barrie. Although not fully renovated, the home had lots of natural light and really great sized bedrooms. A really great open concept space with lots of renovation potential. If we were able to get this home for less then we would have the budget for some renovations before renting. 

There was no offer date nor other offers for this property at the time. I checked showing activities to be sure and there weren’t any interested buyers booking showings anytime soon. I encouraged my client to give this property a try and told them they had a good chance to secure this property if they liked it. We gave in our offer and since there was no competition we included an inspection as well. We secured the deal and avoided other buyers from competing. In the end, we still had a budget for renovations and that’s exactly what we did before leasing it out. Congratulations on your first investment property! 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong


265 Orr Dr, Bradford

Sold Date: 04/28/2023

My client was looking for a bigger property for their family to live in. We looked at different areas to find a property for a good value to work with the budget we had. 

With multiple offers and more buyers as the spring market was beginning to flourish, buying a property for a great value for any buyer became challenging. Prices and competition started to rise again during this time. With the budget we had, it took a bit more patience for us to find the right property.  Townhomes were selling on average over $1 million with many offer dates and high bids. We had to find a home without multiple offers that was asking for less. 

When looking around for potential homes we tried different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood will sometimes have varying comparable home prices. We did our best to find a home within my clients budget.  We came across many homes before landing 265 Orr Dr but their prices were over budget. 

265 Orr Dr is a townhouse with 3 bedrooms and 4 baths and 1500 - 2000 Sq Ft. We went to visit this home as soon as it went on the market and put an offer right away. Hoping to eliminate chances of another buyer we moved quickly and sealed the deal. We purchased this home for $905,000. 

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong



Sold Date:04/27/2023

We purchased 35 Baker Hill Blvd and sold the clients' detached 4 bed + 3 bath home in Markham Village in just a short period of time. This couple was looking to downsize from their detached home to a condo. We lucked out and sold their detached home before it even hit the market.

Before it went on the market we were preparing for staging and photography. With the high demand for homes in this neighborhood, I called a few agents from my previous listing if they were interested in this home. Fortunately for us there was an interested buyer and they were willing to put in an offer that we happily accepted and sold before listing. We eliminated some of the extra work and sold earlier than expected just in time to move into their next home and a smooth closing.

35 Baker Hill Blvd had been on the market for 3 months prior. I tried showing one of my other clients this unit but it was not the one for them. This client fell in love with this very spacious open concept 2 bed + 2 bath and 1100 - 1500 Sq Ft unit with some upgrades on the second floor. This home was waiting and meant for them. Since it was on the market for some time we took advantage of offering under listing price. We purchased this unit under listing price after some negotiations. Situated in an ideal location surrounded by a family oriented neighborhood with surrounding parks, restaurants and shops this was the perfect home. This property is definitely a steal with all the upgrades and the well kept condition. Congratulations and welcome to your new home!

35 Baker hill Blvd was purchased for $900 k.



Sold Date: 10/24/22

Meet 45 Baronial Crt. This is the perfect home we found for my client after looking at a few homes for only a short period of time. 

As a buyer, you’re either looking for the right price or the right type of home or both. Don't lose the opportunity when it presents itself to you. No matter interest rates or stable or unstable markets.  If you are capable, then make the purchase because the market will not wait for you and it is constantly changing. There are other ways of cutting costs besides interest rates. 

That is exactly what I told my buyer just as they were thinking to reconsider about 45 Baronial Court. There was only a small difference between the asking price and our offer for what was their ideal perfect home. I advised that this home was not worth giving up on. You don't want to continue house hunting, comparing every home you see afterwards to this  one perfect home we didn’t try for at least.

We went in with our strongest offer and just below asking price, taking into account the current buyers market. We made our attempt and of course scored the perfect home. There was little doubt in my mind and it was definitely worth the attempt. Now, my clients are happily living in their first perfect home together!



Sold Date: 7/21/2022

Just helped my client purchase 25 Austin Dr #PH22 in Markham. We recently sold their detached home in Markham Village and was in search to downsize to a condo. We looked for units that were relatively bigger to help with the transition. We had visited 25 Austin Drive twice, once with my clients and second we brought in a contractor. My client really loved the place and was ready to place an offer at any time. I took this time to build a relationship with the seller agent providing him confidence with how serious my client was about purchasing.

There was another offer on the table when we placed in our offer. To ensure the property for my client, I suggested we go in strong with a firm offer with no conditions at the seller's asking price. With many other recent successful purchases in this condo I was very confident that no conditions were required making our offer even stronger. This definitely benefited us when trying to overcome the other offer on the table. I negotiated back and forth a few times with the agent. The negotiations went very smooth and it worked efficiently.

We went just 10k over asking price to outbid the other buyer and our offer was accepted at $760,000 for a 2 bedroom + 2 bath

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong



Sold Date: 5/15/2022

This client was a referral from my buyer client for the home 19 Jose Way. They had been neighbors in another Stouffville community. Due to the recent plans to further develop their neighborhood and build new homes in the area, it encouraged their moving plans. Construction in the neighborhood where you live is not always preferred.

Prior to this transaction, they lived in a much larger home but ideally wanted to downsize. Their home was too big for just two people. When you stop using certain rooms in your house, that's one indication to downsize. Getting the chance to choose your neighbors has got to be one of the best decisions when considering a new location to live. Purchasing 3 Andy’s Alley has brought them to become neighbors once again.

This buyer client found this bungalow to be the perfect home as they were looking to downsize. The model that they chose is called a Castle Pine. The castle pine model has an open concept that connects the kitchen, living and dining room. It has 2 bedrooms + 2 baths all on the main floor with an unfinished basement. With the essential rooms all on the main floor, leaves out the inconvenience of walking up and down the stairs frequently which is ideal for an older couple.

During the offer process, there were other offers other than ours. If we didn’t take the opportunity to give in our best offer, we may have lost the deal to the other buyers. I did my research of recent sold listings and had an idea of a price that others may not be willing to offer. I suggested to the client to put in their offer at asking price which was slightly higher than recent sold listings. They trusted my advice and we closed the deal.

3 Andy’s Alley was purchased at listing price for $1, 365,000.

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong



Sold Date: 03/10/2022

This client had tried listing their home a few years back with another agent but unfortunately was unsuccessful. They were not satisfied with the offers they had been given and the listing had expired. I was calling around the neighborhood during this time when I had the opportunity to introduce myself and offer my services. They weren’t quite ready yet to relist again but they were eager to consider another agent and keep a consistent eye on the market for the right time. Over the years, I kept in touch updating them about the market conditions and maintained a trusting relationship.

When they were ready to move again, developers came knocking on their doors offering them a deal on their home to move out due to new development that was being implemented for new condos and townhomes exactly where they were living. They took the amazing offer that was given to them and we started looking at potential bungalows in Stouffville. One neighborhood known for its bungalows is Ballantrae community. This community is a neighborhood of bungalows surrounded by a stunning golf course.

As I’ve farmed this area, I’ve learned that many have found their dream home in this neighborhood and there are usually not many homes being listed. When they are listed, they usually get swept off the market very quickly. Luckily however, during this time I was aware that there would be a few listings coming to the market. 19 Jose Way was one of them.

When we went to visit 19 Jose Way, we were blown away by the amazing renovations and staged appearance of the home. Walls had been torn and the place was completely renovated expanding on the open concept layout. Other homes in this neighborhood were nowhere as renovated as this home.

This home certainly had an offer date and with all the showings/ interest this home had, we were certain there would be a bidding war happening. To avoid the mistake of participating in one, my client was prepared to put in a bully offer to eliminate all the competition. Just like that, our offer had been accepted and we avoided the stress of other offers.

That night we set a record for highest purchased price in that neighborhood. Completely renovated homes like this one in this neighborhood are now looking to be in the 2M range.

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong



Sold Date: 01/20/2022

Purchasing 30 Wilson St has been a great test of patience. We had been waiting a long time for a property from this building to be listed. For months there was absolutely nothing. We had started looking for a property since May/June of 2021 before we purchased on Jan 20, 2022.

My client was downsizing into this condo from her previous home at 214 Fincham Ave. In the meantime, she decided to rent until there was a unit available. She persisted with this building so that she could live closer with her family who already was living there. As we monitored for potential listings, month after month, I had consistently called into the building for potential sellers. We continued to persevere while my client was prepared at any point in time to make an offer.

When unit 203 came on to the market, we immediately booked a showing hours just after the listing came up. We had been notified that there were other showings and there may be others who had interests in the unit. As soon as we visited the unit, we were immediately discussing the offer price. Since our successful listing of 214 Fincham Ave, my client had full trust in my advice and asked me “How much do we offer?”. I recommended them to put an offer slightly higher than the listing price. Although we may not be aware of any other offers that may show up, it is best to put slightly higher than the listing price so that the sellers will understand that we are serious buyers and increase the likelihood of considering us. When you put an offer that is too low, sellers may sometimes feel offended when their work and efforts aren't recognized in maintaining and listing their home.

If a seller asks you to put your best offer forward and it is still too low, sometimes you may not have another opportunity. It is best in an offer at your best if it's a property that you really want but within reason and not a ridiculously high price. But, one that makes sense which can be guided by your real estate agent.

My client had taken my advice and scored her dream home, now living happily with her family!

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong



Sold Date: 10/28/21

Investing in a home that is well kept, close to shops, parks, schools and at a great price just minutes walk away from the shores of a beach sounds like a home many including myself would be interested in. "How great it would be to own a beach home!" On another note, great for an investment property as well.

Initially we had considered looking into Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton for investment properties before we found 438 Beach Blvd. While looking for investment properties I gave my client who lived at 438 a call. During this time, she had also ben considering selling her beautiful home. This in fact sparked my interest to introduce my clients to each other since we were potentially looking for homes in Hamilton already. I communicated to each of my clients their intentions to buy and sell. We picked a day to visit the property that worked with everyone's schedule and after visiting this property we did not need to keep looking for more. 438 Beach Blvd was just the perfect property for investment and exactly what they were looking for.

This exclusive deal avoided all the work that comes with listing a property and going to look for more. Both parties were thrilled how perfectly everything worked out. This was perfect timing and the perfect location.



Sold Date: 09/04/21

I had a buyer looking for a home in Ballantrae for some time now, but we had to sell their condo before putting in an offer for any potential forever home. While selling their condo, 111 Civic Square Gate, we had missed a few opportunities. Luckily, one of my prospecting clients were planning on selling at the same time the condo had sold. I took this opportunity to help both my clients to buy & sell and did this deal exclusively.

As prices kept increasing in the neighborhood, issues with budget was a bit of a challenge. My buyer wanted a lower price and my seller wanted market price. To accomplish this deal, I adjusted my commission on both ends. My goal was to accommodate budgeting for my buyer and at the same time, satisfy the market value for my sellers home.

Doing this exclusive deal, I eliminated showings and the hassles to list a home(cleaning & staging costs). Both clients would be getting more value and saving money without having to pay more commission to another real estate agent.

After a few negotiations on price, we accomplished the deal. At the end of the day, my clients happiness was most important to me. I couldn’t have been happier to be able to help both my clients out. Congratulations on selling and purchasing your forever home!

“The little things can give you more than you ask” – Dinah Wong



Sold Date: 08/28/21

Finding good properties on the market is not easy to come by. If there are, they either don't last very long on the market or get bidded very high where now, you're looking at an overpriced home. Some people wouldn't mind bidding wars while others would drop out. Everyone has their own suitable budget and it will affect how you perform in the buyers market. This varies from the type of homes you buy, the interior and its location.

This client was looking to find a home where it was more accessible to shops and transportation, without having to participate in any bidding wars. I started looking for properties that fit her criteria to build the relationship with this client given I did not know her very well and to gain her trust.

I found 695 Walpole Cres in a prime location that is convenient to shops, schools and accessible to transportation. This property also had no offer dates which likely meant no bidding wars. I suggested "This is a great deal, offers like this don't come by very often." I recommended her to put in an offer because of its prime location, great price, no bidding wars, upgrades and well kept interior. With high demand to buy and low inventory it was important that we prepared this deal before another possible buyer to eliminate the chance of a bidding war.

It became a quick decision and we were prepared to put in an offer. Knowing that there were no other buyers at that time, we decided to put in an offer just under listing price. Fortunately, our offer was accepted right under a million. What a steal! Beautiful home, for a great price at the perfect timing!

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