Buying Success Stories

Our buying success stories provide you with the other side of the transaction where you get to see us put our negotiation skills into action to get you your forever home or investment property for the best value. From visiting properties to completing the deal, we keep you informed and provide you with various possible approaches that will help you reach your goal. Have a look at each of our unique stories and how each client made some of the best decisions and ended up on top. 

45 Baronial Court, Toronto

Meet 45 Baronial Crt. This is the perfect home we found for my client after looking at a few homes for only a short period of time. As a buyer, you’re either looking for the right price or the right type of home or both.

Sold Date: 10/20/ 2022


Just helped my client purchase 25 Austin Dr #PH22 in Markham. We recently sold their detached home in Markham Village and was in search to downsize to a condo. We looked for units that were relatively bigger to help with the transition.

Sold Date: 07/21/2022

3 andy's Alley, Stouffville

This client was a referral from my buyer client for the home 19 Jose Way. They had been neighbors in another Stouffville community. Due to the recent plans to further develop their neighborhood and build new homes on their lot, it encouraged their moving plans.

Sold Date: 05/15/2022

19 Jose Way, Stouffville

This client had tried listing their home a few years back with another agent but unfortunately was unsuccessful. They were not satisfied with the offers they had been given and the listing had expired.

Sold Date: 03/10/2022

30 wilson st,  unit#203, markham

Purchasing 30 Wilson St has been a great test of patience. We had been waiting a long time for a property from this building to be listed. For months there was absolutely nothing. We had started looking for a property since May/June of 2021 before we purchased on Jan 20, 2022.

Sold Date: 01/20/2022

438 Beach Blvd, Hamilton

Investing in a home that is well kept, close to shops, parks, schools and at a great price just minutes walk away from the shores of a beach sounds like a home many including myself would be interested in. "How great it would be to own a beach home!" On another note, great for an investment property as well.

Sold Date: 10/28/21

106 Couples Gallery, Stouffville

I had a buyer looking for a home in Ballantrae for some time now, but we had to sell their condo before putting in an offer for any  potential forever home. While selling their condo, 111 Civic Square Gate, we had missed a few opportunities. Luckily, one of my prospecting clients were planning on selling at the same time the condo had sold.

Sold Date: 09/04/21

695 Walpole Cres, Newmarket

Finding good properties on the market is not easy to come by. If there are, they either don't last very long on the market or get bidded very high where now, you're looking at an overpriced home. Some people wouldn't mind bidding wars while others would drop out. Everyone has their own suitable budget and it will affect how you perform in the buyers market. This varies from the type of homes you buy, the interior and its location.

Sold Date: 08/28/21

9506 Markham Rd , Unit# 906, Markham

When considering an investment property, we want one that has potential to attract many types of homeowners. We want to buy a beautifully well kept home but also at a reasonable price. "Who doesn't want that, am I right?"

Sold Date: 07/16/21

107 dressage trail, cambridge

107 Dressage Trail was in a new development area at Cambridge. The initial home my client put an offer for was 168 Ridge Road, Cambridge. The listing price for the home was $849,000. However, we inquired that the sellers expectations was to achieve an over asking price.

Sold Price: 05/21/21

33 Locust Terr, Markham

With bidding wars flooding the market, it becomes more difficult to secure a property with prices being so high. It becomes an issue of affordability. At the time, we were specifically looking for a property without bidding wars and reasonable price for a semi-detached home in Markham.

Sold Date: 05/17/21

438 colborne st, bradford

Met this client in 2016 on 15 Bryant Road when prospecting in Markham Village. I followed up with this client over a 5 year period. She saw my consistent dedication and was happy to choose me as her agent.

Sold Date: 05/03/21

46 Golden Bear, Stouffville

Since 2016, this client has been eagerly searching to move but hesitated on the where their next home would be. After some research, I suggested to consider the Ballantrae neighborhood with many bungalow layouts they may prefer and a golf course right in neighborhood.

Sold Date: 03/21/21



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