We’ve worked with many clients and have various repeat and referral clients throughout the GTA. To get there, we’ve set our clients' success as our main priority. Our primary goal is to ensure that you are successful all the way through while making some of the most difficult and impactful decisions in your life. We want you to be successful and we want to be there to watch you succeed. We hope you, just like the many others, will join our repeat lifelong family and continue to grow.


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Getting to know you

Not one transaction in real estate is the same as the other. Each transaction will have its challenges and be dealt with using different strategies. Each scenario is approached with delicate and thought out marketing strategies that have been built up from our prior experiences. We will provide you with a visual map of options you can choose from based on your specific situation and how each will play out. While guided by an expert to ensure you of precautions along the way, ultimately the power of choice will be yours.  

  • Make no mistakes
  • Avoid overpaying for the wrong costs
  • Receive cost worthy adequate services
  • Be in the know every step of the way with full transparency
  • Succeed together in the end

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Before listing your home, we will often recommend staging (if necessary) and consult with our stager approximately a week prior. Staging a home is a great way to make your home more appealing to buyers. Our stagers will work with what you have in your home already to make your home stand out.

Buyers Envision

Optimized buying

Helps buyers envision themselves living in the property.

home value

Higher Prices

A well kept home increases the value of your home and can get you a higher than asking price.

brings home potential

Guaranteed results

Brings out your homes potential, makes your home look inviting, comfortable and well cared for. Something buyers look for.

Sells Quicker

Guaranteed results

A staged home sells quicker.

BRing more buyers

Get activity for showings

Bring more buyers in who are willing to pay your price or higher. Non-staged homes may risk having to lower your price to get activity for showings.

Stand Out your Home

Get activity for showings

Helps your home stand out from other competitors.


Photography is a key part in creating a great first impression for your property. This will ultimately determine how much attention your property will get. There are two ways of going with photography, pictures taken on the phone or pictures taken with a photography camera. To be more cost efficient some will use their phone cameras. I don't doubt that our phone camera quality is great with smartphones these days but not everyone is trained nor experienced enough to take a well angled photo that can really transform and showcase the home's best features. This is why we have a professional photographer to takes these high resolution photos as part of our marketing strategy.