Moving checklist

For a downloadable copy, click below to get our moving checklist PDF.

Step 1

Make a list of everything that needs to be moved and what needs to be donated. Start Packing! (Label every box) Other options include: Garage Sales/Donation Drop Offs

Step 2

Submit a change of address form to your Post Office

Step 3

Find a moving company 3-4 weeks before the moving day. Check for availability and cost

Step 4

Look for storage companies in your new neighborhood, if necessary. Your new home could be under renovations or there's a waiting period till the closing date

Step 5

Pack items that are used less frequent (Seasonal Items, Books, Antiques)

Step 6

Set a moving day. Book moving elevator/ Arrange parking for truck on moving day

Step 7

Contact Insurance company to transfer policies for new home

Step 8

Arrange for cut-off/ activation dates for cable, gas, electricity, water and garbage

Step 9

Fix minor home repairs. Clean your home. Pack rest of belongings or loose items

Step 10

On moving day, check cupboards, drawers, fridge and cabinets for any remaining belongings. Make sure water/lights are turned off, windows are closed and house keys are left behind. Then head to new address to direct movers and get ready to settle in your new home