My Successful Story - 438 Colborne Street, Bradford

Met this client in 2016 on 15 Bryant Road when prospecting in Markham Village. I followed up with this client over a 5 year period. She saw my consistent dedication and was happy to choose me as her agent. She had plans in considering to purchase a property. This property would be a home for her daughter and investment property as well. Since this would be an investment property, we needed to find a home with a basement apartment and separate entrance. 

They showed interests in various homes we had considered but unfortunately due to increase in market prices, we had no luck. We experienced many bidding war but were still unsuccessful. I suggested that we find a similar property with a lower market value so that she could later implement her own renovations. In doing so, this would help maximize in her budgeting. We found 438 Colborne Street with no competition and at a great value at 98%. of the listing price. In the end, we stayed within our budgets and also became successful home buyers. 

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