My Successful Story - 438 Beach Blvd, Hamilton

There’s always the right time and place for every seller and buyer. 438 Beach Blvd in Hamilton was that property for both my clients. They both were previous clients whom I sold their previous homes a while back. One was selling to move to their home country and the other was looking for an investment property. 

It just happened that the buyer client was looking for properties more west of Toronto. She suggested Hamilton or Oakville as her ideal location for an investment property. When she mentioned that, I thought I’d give my past client in Hamilton a call to see how she was enjoying 438 Beach Blvd. It just so happened she was actually planning on moving as well. Before considering to list the property,  she invited us to come see the home. The buyer client loved it and presented the offer the seller already had in mind. There were no troubles or complications with negotiating and both parties were very flexible.

The offer was done quickly without being listed on the market. This exclusive deal left both buyer and seller happy at the end of the day. The price was right and the property was just the one. 

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