My Successful Story - 335 Chester Le Blvd, Toronto

This is a client I met back when I was working in the retail industry. He shared with me his concerns for his current agent and his dads’ home they were trying to sell. He said that they were unable to sell for more than $920,000. Seeking my advice, he invited me to his home for a home evaluation. 

After a tour of the home, I recommended that some work be put into the home before presenting it on the market. I reassured him that they were easy fixes and in a weeks time. I offered my assistance by presenting him with recommended contractors and cleaning teams I’ve worked with. We got to work right away not long after discussion. We re-painted the whole house and patched up holes. The previous contractors had left bumps and imperfections. We fixed up the wears and tears, added caulk to the baseboards and crown molding, added a closet into the master bedroom, re-grouted the bathroom tiles, repainted all cabinets to white, and fixed up the ceiling lights.We followed by staging the home once the easy fixes were completed. A good staged home can differentiate your property between a high and low valued home. Well taken photos can also capture your buyers attention and help your properties presentation. 

In total, this cost him less than $6000 and in return he got 11 offers, over 72 showings in a week and $122,000 over asking price. After all our hard work, the home sold for $1,020,000. In 2021, this is the highest sale of semi-detached bungalows in the neighborhood. Thank you to my team for all the support. We always put 110% of our effort into making your home the next big hit!

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