My Successful Story - 111 Civic Square Gate, Aurora

111 Civic Square Gate was a uniquely designed home and originally was a 2 bedroom + 1 Den and 2 Bathrooms. My client decided to create a more open concept home and transformed the 2nd bedroom into a dining area. Now, the home is a 1 bedroom + 2 dens and 2 bathrooms. In addition, this home had many upgrades and was beautifully renovated over the years. 

When listed, we had various feedback that the property was stunning but the drawback was that there was lack of the 2nd bedroom. We now knew that this unit would only attract a specific type of buyer who would love the idea of this open concept one bedroom home. However, can be easily converted back to original. This then became the greatest challenge for selling this home. 

Often people will either look for a move in ready home or take the extra time to make additional renovations. This home fit under both of those categories.

We had many showings for this property but there is always one right buyer for every property. 

This home eventually sold for $768,000. 

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