My Successful Story - 107 Dressage Trail, Cambridge

107 Dressage Trail was in a new development area at Cambridge. The initial home my client put an offer for was 168 Ridge Road, Cambridge. The listing price for the home was $849,000. However, we inquired that the sellers expectations was to achieve an over asking price. My client decided to put their offer in at $860,000 and was unsuccessful. We made another attempt at $865,000 as our final offer and the seller proposed $870,000. The following day, when my client decided that they were willing to put in the extra $5000 to meet the sellers satisfaction, we were approached by disappointment. The property was sold to another who offered $875,000. 

Following, the representing agent reached out to me about a similar listing 

which would soon reach the market. My clients were immediately intrigued 

and we visited the property. Although we put in our offer at $875,000, my 

client being first time home buyers, struggled with placing a firm offer due 

to the discouragement and dishonesty they felt from 168 Ridge Road, finance clauses and closing dates. The seller and buyer had opposing terms and were unable to find mutual agreement at this point. I reminded them that the ultimate goal was to find a happy home and not lose sight due to minor differences. 

Although met with obstacles and disagreements along the way, I recommended 

that sometimes in a sellers market we need to compromise to circumstances to achieve our goals. 

In the end, we compromised and my clients finally became first time home 


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