My Successful Story - 106 Couples Gallery, Ballantrae

I had a buyer looking for a home in Ballantrae for some time now. When we found 106 Couples Gallery, I immediately knew this would be their perfect forever home.

The homeowner of couples gallery was actually one of my prospecting clients whom reached out to me about selling their home around the same time my buyer client was looking for a property in Ballantrae. As prices kept increasing in the neighborhood, issues with budgeting became a challenge. At the same time, the seller also wanted market price for his home in addition to his stunning backyard view. I took this moment as an opportunity to help both clients out by doing this deal exclusively. 

To accomplish this deal, I lowered my commission on both ends. My goal was to accommodate for budgeting for my buyer and at the same time, satisfy the price for my sellers home. By doing so, I eliminated showings and the hassles to list a home(cleaning/staging). Also, both clients would be getting more value without having to pay more commission to another real estate agent. 

After a few negotiations on price, we accomplished the deal. 

At the end of the day, my clients happiness was most important to me. I couldn’t have been happier to be able to help both my clients out. Congratulations on selling and finding your forever home!

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