My Successful Story - 10 Parkinson Rd, Markham

My client for 10 Parkinson Road, I met in 2019 while door knocking. I provided some information about myself to her at the time and lucky enough I was contacted back. Till present, I have been her representing agent. 10 Parkinson Road being the second sold property. 

I provided her with two options: One being bidding war and the other selling at market value. I respected her choice and we attempted to participate in bidding war in hopes to maximize profit for the property. When we realized this method was not suitable, we stayed optimistic and listed at market value instead. 

During this time on the market, the neighbor who had a similar layout and updated appliances sold for $1,148,000. On the other hand, we lacked renovations in our home and sold close at $1,116,000. With no renovations necessary, we received the best value out of the property possible.  

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